步入正轨® 电源控制 结束 User Licence Agreement 


此许可证(“Licence”)是您之间(无论是个人还是单个实体,“you” or “your”) 和 KL发现 Ontrack,LLC,地址为 9023 Columbine Road, 伊甸草原,MN 55347(美国) (“Ontrack” or “we”) for ONTRACK POWERCONTROLS computer software, including 更新, upgrades, agents or add-on components (“Software”) 和 its associated user guides, 安装指南或补充指南(“Documentation”).   




1. 许可授权。  Subject to 的 terms 和 conditions 这个的 执照, including 的 payment of applicable license fees, 步入正轨 grants 您 a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable 和 non-sublicensable license to access 和 use 的 乐橙客户端 和 文献资料 和 any associated dongles, license keys or other enforcement mechanisms (“认证组件”)用于您自己的内部业务目的。    

The 乐橙客户端 may only be used subject to 的 limitations set 对于th in this Licence and 的 文献资料. Such use, including but not limited to capacity 和/or duration of license, 应 be authorized pursuant to a document, quote or invoice (一个“Order”) 提供d by 步入正轨 or its authorized resellers or distributors. Such 订购 应 incorporate all of 的 terms 和 conditions 这个的 Licence 和 您 may not exceed 的 authorized use without 的 payment 额外的许可费用。  

2.许可限制。 You 应 not:  

(a)移走,改动,遮盖或混淆 任何产品标识,版权声明或其他  proprietary rights notice placed or embedded in 的 Software;  

(b) sell, lease, rent, copy, or distribute this 乐橙客户端 , 文献资料 和 any associated 认证组件 to a third party except as expressly permitted herein;  

(c) cause or permit reverse engineering, disassembly, decompilation or alteration of 的 乐橙客户端 except to 的 extent such restriction is expressly prohibited by 适用的 law;  

(d) use a license of 的 乐橙客户端 with a perpetual term 对于 performing consulting or technical services;   

(e) sub-licence 的 乐橙客户端 to any third party, including 您r own customers; or   

(f) use 的 乐橙客户端 对于 competitive analysis purposes. You may make one copy of 的 乐橙客户端 和 文献资料 solely 对于 backup or archival purposes. You may not copy any 认证组件. The 乐橙客户端 应 not itself be hosted or made available via a hosted environment or service bureau without additional license fees 和 terms 和 conditions.  

3.审核权。 You 应 maintain accurate records containing all necessary data required 对于 verification of compliance with 的 terms 这个的 执照。 步入正轨, or its designee, may, during normal 营业时间及以后 reasonable prior notice to 您, audit 和 analyze 您r records to verify compliance hereunder.  

4.  支持和维护。  Support 和 maintenance of 的 乐橙客户端 is subject to 的 terms of 的 电源控制 维护协议 和 payment of additional fees.   

5. 费用S.  The fees payable 对于 的 执照 to use 的 relevant version of 的 乐橙客户端 (“Fees”) 是 payable subject to 的 terms of 的 订购.      

6.条款。 Your License to use 的 乐橙客户端 is effective 对于 的 period set out in 的 适用的 订购. If 您 selected a time limited 执照, at 的 end 这个的 period, 您r License 和 您r associated rights will expire automatically, unless 您 choose to renew 您r 执照。       

7.终止。  Your failure to comply with any term or condition 这个的 执照, including failure to pay 的 appropriate license fees, 应 result in termination or suspension of 您r License to use 的 乐橙客户端 , 文献资料 和 any associated 认证组件(s). Upon termination, 您 应 discontinue all use of 的 乐橙客户端 , destroy 的 乐橙客户端 和 文献资料, together with all copies 的reof, 和 return any associated 认证组件(s). 

8. TRIAL 执照. If a trial version of 的 乐橙客户端 is obtained from 步入正轨 or its authorized resellers or distributors, 的 乐橙客户端 may be used 对于 evaluation purposes only 和 is subject to 的 terms 和 conditions 这个的 Licence.  The trial version of 的 乐橙客户端 may be used as of 的 date of delivery until expiration or termination with or without cause by either party. Upon expiration or termination of 的 trial version of 的 Licence, all rights granted to 您 will terminate 和 您 应 discontinue all use of 的 乐橙客户端 unless 您 purchase an authorized license pursuant a valid 订购. 如果你 choose not to purchase a license, 的 trial version of 的 乐橙客户端 must be destroyed, including all copies 的reof.  

9.数据保护。  Our processing of 您r personal data 应 be governed by 步入正轨’s隐私政策(可在 //www.joa-jordan.com/privacy/) 和 的 terms set out below.   

步入正轨 collects personal data: (i) when 您 contact us via email, telephone or by any other means; 和 (ii) 对于 的 purposes of performing our obligations pursuant to this 执照。 我们处理个人数据的目的包括:(i) to 提供 的 乐橙客户端 和 文献资料 to 您; (ii) to obtain views on 的 performance of 的 乐橙客户端 , 和 (iii) with 的 appropriate legal permission, direct marketing.  

We may disclose personal data to other entities of 的 KL发现 group (of which 步入正轨 对于ms part), a full list of which is 提供d in 步入正轨’s 隐私政策 (together with 的 country where 的y 是 established which includes 的 United States), 和 to: (i) legal 和 regulatory authorities 对于 的 purposes of reporting any actual or suspected breach of 适用的 law or regulation; (ii) 步入正轨’会计师,审计师,律师和其他外部专业顾问;和 (iii)第三方处理者,例如支付服务提供商,运输公司/快递公司;技术供应商,提供合规服务的加工商。  The purpose of disclosure to other entities is to fulfil 步入正轨’s contractual obligations to 您 or 对于 legitimate business purposes, in accordance with 适用的 law. 步入正轨 has implemented security measures described in 步入正轨’s 隐私政策 和 all entities that may receive 的 personal data 是 under a strict 实施安全措施以确保高度保护的合同义务。   

You 应 at any time have 的 right to: (i) access 和 obtain information about 的 nature, processing or disclosure of 您 personal data; (ii) rectify 您r personal data; (iii) request, on legitimate grounds, erasure or restriction of processing of 您r personal data; (iv) object, on legitimate grounds, to 的 处理您的个人数据; (v)要求将您的个人数据转移到另一个控制者; (vi)撤回您同意处理个人数据的同意;和(vii) lodge complaints with 的 适用的 data protection authority. 

10.第三方使用。 If 您 license 的 乐橙客户端 对于 您r internal business purposes but contract with a third party to perform services such as network management, monitoring, implementation, consulting or other outsourcing 为您服务(“Consultant”), 的 顾问 may use 的 乐橙客户端 和 文献资料 领有牌照 by 您 solely 对于 您r benefit in 的 performance of such contract, 提供d, however, that 您 ensure that 的 顾问 uses 的 乐橙客户端 , 文献资料 和/or 认证组件 in accordance with 的 terms 这个的 执照。 You 应 be liable to 步入正轨 对于 的 acts 和 omissions of 的 顾问 in connection with 的ir use of 的 乐橙客户端 , 文献资料 和/or 认证组件. Notwithstanding 的 对于egoing, a 顾问 应 not use 的 乐橙客户端 , including any 认证组件 if 适用的, 对于 its own internal business use.  

如果你 provide services to third parties, such as 您r customers, using 的 乐橙客户端 , 您 是 required to obtain 的 commercial use version of 的 乐橙客户端  via 的 commercial license to authorize 的 provision of such services.   

11。 ASSIGNMENT. You may not assign or transfer 的 rights or obligations under this Licence to another party without 的 express 书面 consent of 步入正轨. Any attempt to assign this 执照 without 步入正轨’s consent 应 be null 和 void.  

12 COPYRIGHT/OWNERSHIP.  You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights in 的 Software, its source code, 的 文献资料 和 any associated 认证组件 belong to, or 是 领有牌照 to, 步入正轨.  The rights granted to 您 in 的 乐橙客户端 是 licensed (not sold) 和 您 have no rights in, or to, 的 乐橙客户端 or 的 文献资料 other than 的 right to use 的m in accordance with 的 terms 这个的 Licence.  Ontrack 应 at all times retain all rights, title, interest, including intellectual property rights, in 的 乐橙客户端 , 文献资料 和 any associated 认证组件s.   

13  TRADEMARKS. “Ontrack”, “PowerControls” and other “Ontrack” brand 和 product names referred to herein 是 trademarks or registered trademarks of KL发现 Ontrack, LLC., in 的 United States 和/or other countries.  All other brand 和 product names 是 trademarks of 的ir respective owners. This License to use 的 乐橙客户端 does not 提供 您 with any right to use 的se trademarks to any 目的。   

14. IP索赔。  (a) 步入正轨 应: (i) defend at its own expense any claim brought against 您 by any third party alleging that 您r use of 的 乐橙客户端 和/or 的 文献资料 infringes any third party intellectual property 权利(“IP Claim”); 和 (ii) pay costs 和 damages (subject to clause 18 below) awarded in final judgment or agreed in settlement of any 知识产权声明.  The provisions 这个的 clause 14 应 not apply unless 您: (i) promptly notify 步入正轨 upon becoming aware of any actual or threatened 知识产权声明 和 提供 full 书面 particulars; (ii) make no comment or admission 和 take no action that may adversely affect 步入正轨’s ability to defend or settle 的 IP 要求; (iii) 提供 all assistance reasonably required by 步入正轨; 和 (iv) give 步入正轨 sole authority to defend or settle 的 知识产权声明 as 步入正轨 considers appropriate. 

(b) If 的 乐橙客户端 is or is likely to become subject to an 知识产权声明, 步入正轨 应 use reasonable endeavours to either: (i) obtain 的 right 对于 您 to continue to use 的 乐橙客户端 和/or 文献资料 as 适用的; or (ii) replace or 修改任何相关乐橙客户端,文档或 materials used in 的 乐橙客户端 (or 的 part of it subject to 的 知识产权声明) or 的 文献资料 so that it becomes non-infringing. 

(c) If 步入正轨 is unable to achieve either of 的 outcomes described above having used reasonable endeavours (including where 的 costs of doing so 是 commercially prohibitive), 步入正轨 may elect by 书面 notification to 您 that: (i) 您r use of 的 乐橙客户端 应 immediately terminate; (ii) 您 应 promptly uninstall, delete 和 cease to use 的 乐橙客户端 ; 和 (iii) 步入正轨 应 issue 您 a credit or a refund (at 步入正轨’s option) 对于 的 费用 paid to 步入正轨 under this 执照 in respect of 的 乐橙客户端 subject to a reasonable deduction to reflect 的 time elapsed where 您 have been able to use 的 乐橙客户端 prior to termination.   

(d) 步入正轨 应 have no liability or obligations under this clause 14 in respect of (and 应 not be obliged to defend) any 知识产权声明 which arises in whole or in part from: (i) any modification of 的 乐橙客户端 without 步入正轨’s express 书面批准; (ii) installation or use of 的 乐橙客户端 or 的 文献资料 otherwise than in accordance with this 执照 or 步入正轨’s instructions; (iii) installation or use of 的 乐橙客户端 in combination with any software, hardware or data that has not been supplied or expressly authorised by 步入正轨; or (iv) any unlawful use made of 的 乐橙客户端 by Client. 


15.赔偿。 You 应 defend, indemnify 和 hold harmless 步入正轨 against claims, actions, proceedings, losses, damages, expenses 和 costs (including without limitation court costs 和 reasonable legal fees) arising out of or in connection with: (i)您的 unauthorised use of 的 乐橙客户端 和/or 文献资料; or (ii) any violation 这个的 执照。 

16.出口限制。  You agree to comply fully with all laws 和 regulations of 的 United States 和 other countries relating to 的 prohibition of sales of products 和 services to designated states or jurisdictions, individuals 或公司 (“Export Laws”) to assure that 的 乐橙客户端 , 文献资料 nor any associated 认证组件 are not: (1) exported, directly or indirectly, in violation of 出口法; or (2) used 对于 any purpose prohibited by 出口法, including, without limitation, nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons proliferation.  None of 的 乐橙客户端 or underlying information or technology may be downloaded or otherwise exported or re-exported: (i) into (or to a national or resident of) any country to which 的 U.S. has embargoed goods; or (ii) to anyone on 的 U.S. Treasury Department's List of Specially Designated Nationals or 的 U.S. Commerce Department's Table of Denial 订购s.  By installing or using 的 乐橙客户端 , 您 是 agreeing to 的 对于egoing 和 您 是 representing 和 warranting that 您 是 not located in, under 的 control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list. 

17.保证。  该乐橙客户端,文档和任何相关的身份验证组件是 提供给您“AS-IS” BASIS.   您承担所有风险 INSTALLING OR USING THE 乐橙客户端。没有通过法律或其他方式明示或暗示的担保。 OnTRACK不对针对特定目的的适销性和适用性提供任何默示担保。 OnTRACK不保证该乐橙客户端不侵权, 它可以满足您的要求,或者其操作将不受干扰,无差错或无病毒。  

18.责任范围。  无论是因合同,侵权(包括疏忽),违反法定义务或其他原因而导致的,ONTRACK均不对您承担任何责任 执照 FOR: 







除下面列出的损失外,无论是在合同,侵权(包括过失)还是其他方面,我们根据本许可或与本许可有关的最大综合赔偿责任,应仅限于以下情况: (i)知识产权案件 侵犯财产权,总计10,000美元;或(ii)在任何其他情况下, A SUM EQUAL TO 的 APPLICABLE LICENCE FEE YOU PAID. 






19.其他。  This Licence is governed by 明尼苏达州法律 and 每一方都应接受明尼苏达州法院的专属管辖权。各方代表 本身及其附属公司, to 的 fullest extent permitted by law, knowingly, voluntarily, 和 intentionally waives its right to a trial by jury in any action or other legal proceeding arising out of or relating to this 执照。  The 对于egoing waiver applies to any action or legal proceeding, whether in contract, tort or otherwise.  Each party, on behalf 本身及其附属公司, also agrees not to include any employee, officer or director of 的 other party or its affiliates as a party in any such action or proceeding.  This is 的 entire agreement between 您 和 步入正轨, which supersedes any prior or subsequent agreement, including 您r purchase order terms, whether 书面 or oral, relating to this subject matter. 

We may amend 的 terms 这个的 执照 at any time 和 publish such changes on our 网站. Where we make any material amendments, we 应 notify 您 in advance of 的 implementation of such change. Your continued use of 的 乐橙客户端 和 文献资料 after implementation of such changes 应 amount to 您r agreement to 的m. 

The failure by us to enforce at any time any of 的 provisions in this 执照 应 not be deemed a waiver of such provision, or any other provision, or our right 的reafter to enforce any such provision in 的 future. 

If any provision 这个的 执照 is in violation of any 适用的 law, such provision 应 to such extent be deemed null 和 void, 和 的 remainder of 的 执照 应 remain in full 对于ce 和 effect. 

20.政府使用。 The 乐橙客户端 和 认证组件s include “商业计算机乐橙客户端” and related documentation within 的 meaning of Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) 2.101, 12212和27.405-3以及《国防联邦采购条例》 Supplement (“DFARS”) 227.7202 和 252.2277014(a)(1). The 乐橙客户端 和 认证组件s 是 proprietary to 步入正轨 和 its third party licensors. You 应 ensure that all users, including, but not limited to employees, personnel, representatives or agents of 的 U.S. Government, 是 permitted to use 的 乐橙客户端 和 认证组件s only as expressly authorized under this Licence. In accordance with 远 12212 和 DFARS 227.7202, neither 您 nor any government agency or entity 应 receive any ownership, license, or other rights in 和 to 的 乐橙客户端 和 认证组件s other than 的 commercial software license rights expressly set 对于th herein.  

Contractor/manufacturer is KL发现 Ontrack, LLC., 哥伦拜恩路9023号 Eden Prairie, MN 55347.  

步入正轨® PowerControls 维护协议

这个 Ontrack® PowerControls 维护协议 (“维护协议”) 介于 KLDiscovery Ontrack, LLC (“Ontrack”)和订单中指定的实体(“客户”).  Each 应 be a “Party”或集体“Parties.” 本文未定义的大写术语应具有 the Ontrack Terms of Service 对于 purchases 和/or 的 Ontrack® 电源控制 End 用户 License 协议 (“License 协议”) supplied to Customer upon download of 的 步入正轨® PowerControls™ 乐橙客户端 (the “Software”). 

1. 保养 服务 

1.1 In accordance with 的 terms 这个的 维护协议, 步入正轨 will 提供 的 following in relation to 的 then current version of 的 Software (collectively “维修服务”): 

1.1.1 更新. 步入正轨 will make available to Customer downloads of 乐橙客户端  updates or upgrades (“Updates”) in 的 对于m 的 乐橙客户端 was originally 提供d to Customer, including Documentation, as 步入正轨 makes such 更新 for 的 乐橙客户端  可用于一般发行。 “Update” shall include means any modification, correction or addition to 的 乐橙客户端 or Documentation, including 更新 和 enhancements that 步入正轨 makes generally available to its customers without additional charge. Customer 应 incorporate 的 更新 as soon as practicable 和 acknowledges that failure to incorporate any such 更新资料 may result in usability issues or 安全漏洞 in 的 乐橙客户端  for which 步入正轨 应 not be responsible.  

1.1.2补丁。对于目前已付款且信誉良好的客户 the 适用的 Maintenance Agreement, 步入正轨 will make available to Customer those Patches which have been published 和 made generally available. “Patch(es)” means additional programming code to be integrated with 的 乐橙客户端 to correct an error in 的 standard functioning of 的 乐橙客户端  or to 减轻其影响 (“Error”). 

1.1.3支持。 Ontrack shall provide 实时电话和电子邮件支持 给有效客户 licence to 的 乐橙客户端  to which 步入正轨: (a) can 确定客户是否遇到的问题是 归因于错误; and (b) to assist in resolving 错误s reported by Customer that occur during normal usage of 的 乐橙客户端 (“Live Support”). Any 本文所述的实时支持仅在以下情况下提供给客户 的 normal business hours of 的 步入正轨 Technical Support team, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM US Central Time, Monday to Friday, excluding 步入正轨’s recognized holidays. 所有 support 和 maintenance 应 be conducted in 的 English language only. Ontrack will use reasonable commercial efforts to remedy 错误s reported by Customer to 步入正轨. Such remedy may consist of corrected portion(s) of 的 乐橙客户端 , Patches, or communication to Customer of a workaround that gives Customer 的 ability to achieve substantially 的 same functionality as would be obtained without 的 错误, as determined by 步入正轨.  

1.1.4 Ontrack 更新, Patches 和 bug fixes 是 only effective on 的 latest version of 的 乐橙客户端 . For clarity, 的 latest version of 的 乐橙客户端 is a version of 的 乐橙客户端 that has been updated with all 的 most current 更新 和 Patches released or made available 对于 such version of 的 乐橙客户端 . If Customer has not incorporated all available 更新, Patches 和 bug fixes to 的 乐橙客户端 , any subsequently released Patches, 更新 or bug fixes may not be effective or usable on such 乐橙客户端 . 

1.1.5 Ontrack 应 have no obligation to investigate or correct problems (including 错误s) that 能够not be reproduced by 步入正轨 based on information 提供d by Customer; or that 是 due to a breach by Customer of 的 terms of 的 License 协议; or that 能够not be remedied due either to 的 operational characteristics of 的 computer equipment on which 的 乐橙客户端 is used; or to modifications to 的 乐橙客户端 made by Customer or any third party. 步入正轨 will use commercially reasonable efforts to 提供 的 本项下的维修服务 Maintenance Agreement; however, Customer acknowledges that 步入正轨 能够not guarantee that every question, problem, issue or 错误 reported by Customer 能够 or will be resolved. Nothing in this 协议 应 expand or add to any warranty 对于 的 乐橙客户端 set 对于th in 的 License 协议.  

 2. 保养 Fee and Payment 

2.1 Customer will pay 步入正轨 的 non-refundable fee(s) set 对于th in 的 customer 订购 within 30 (thirty) days of acceptance of 的 订购 by 步入正轨. Customer is responsible 对于 的 payment of any goods or sales taxes included on 的 订购.     步入正轨 will accept purchase order numbers (“PO”) 提供d 的 PO is 提供d prior to maintenance activation.  步入正轨 reserves 的 right to suspend any maintenance or 提供 any technical 支持,包括 Software 更新(如果到期未付款)。  

3. Term 和 终止。 

3.1 Term.  这个 维护协议 应 commence on acceptance of 的 订购 by 步入正轨 和 continue 对于 的 periods specified in 的 订购.    

3.2 Termination.  这个 维护协议 应 terminate: (i) immediately upon termination or expiration of Customer’s right to use 的 乐橙客户端 , including a breach by Customer of either this 维护协议 or 的 License 协议; (ii) immediately upon expiration of 的 的n-current term of maintenance as specified in 的 订购. (iii)立即向客户’s failure to pay in accordance with this 维护协议; or (iv) on written notice by 步入正轨 if Customer has breached this 维护协议 or 的 License 协议 和 such breach is not cured within 14 (fourteen) days .  Ontrack 应 be entitled terminate this 维护协议 on 书面 notice in 的 event of a breach by Customer incapable of being cured.   步入正轨 应 有权 to suspend 的 保养 服务 if an invoice remains unpaid by Customer when due.  

4. Warranty 和 Remedies 

4.1 Ontrack warrants that 的 Maintenance 服务 应 be 提供d to generally accepted industry standards, 提供d that: (a) 的 乐橙客户端 has not been modified, changed, or altered by anyone other than 步入正轨 ; (b) 的 operating environment, including both hardware 和 systems software, meets 步入正轨’s recommended specifications; (c) 的 computer hardware is in good operational order 和 is installed in a suitable operating environment; (d) Customer promptly notifies 步入正轨 of any technical problem relating to 的 乐橙客户端 ; (e) Customer 提供s adequate troubleshooting information 和 access so that 的 Ontrack can identify 和 address 的 problems; 和 (f) all fees due to 步入正轨 已付款。 

4.2对于本维护协议,没有任何其他形式的明示或默示担保,并且OnTRACK根据此维护协议提供的维护服务包括但不限于任何关于适销性的默示担保 或适合特定目的。客户应承认并同意的情况 ONTRACK 或其任何代理商对客户造成的任何损失,费用,费用或损害的赔偿金额,不超过年度费用 维护费用可任意设置 ORDER . IN NO EVENT SHALL ONTRACK 或其任何代理商对客户造成的任何间接,偶发,惩罚性,惩罚性,示范性,特殊,继发性损害或类似损害,包括 即使由于以下原因而由于使用或无法使用该乐橙客户端而引起的任何损失或损失的数据 ONTRACK 或已告知其发生此类损害的可能性。 

4.3客户将赔偿,捍卫和伤害他人 ONTRACK 及其代理商针对任何损失,损害,费用或成本的赔偿,包括合理的律师’费用,与任何有关的索赔,需求,诉讼或诉讼有关 顾客’s UNAUTHORIZED USE OR MISUSE OF 的 SOFTWARE AND/OR 的 MAINTENANCE SERVICES.  


5.1 The 保养 服务 是 dependent upon 的 co-operation of Customer 和 的 quality of information that Customer 能够 提供. Therefore, Customer agrees to 提供, at its own cost, all reasonable assistance 和 cooperation as requested by 步入正轨 during 的 provisioning of 的 保养 服务.   

5.2 Customers 应 notify 步入正轨 of problems by email or phone 和 will 提供 all relevant information known to Customer, 和 as requested by 步入正轨, as well as sufficient support 和 access to 的 user of 的 乐橙客户端 to determine if a problem is attributable to an 错误 和, if 适用的, to correct any 错误s 和 determine if an 错误 has been corrected. Such problem notice must contain sufficient information on computer-readable media, if practicable, 对于 步入正轨 to reproduce 的 problem. Thereafter, Customer will keep 步入正轨 notified of any additions or changes to such information. Customer 应 promptly respond to 步入正轨 requests 对于 additional information or assistance.   


6.1 In 的 event either party obtains access to 的 机密信息 (defined below) of 的 other party in 的 course of performing this Maintenance Agreement, 的 party obtaining such information 应 maintain 的 机密ity of such information in 的 same manner it maintains 的 机密ity of its own similar 机密信息, but in no event with less than reasonable care. “机密信息”任何一方的意思是任何信息 disclosed on 书面 or magnetic media during 的 Maintenance 服务 that is marked “confidential” or with a similar legend at 的 time of disclosure to 的 receiving party. Notwithstanding 的 对于egoing, all 更新, Patches, 和 any software that may be 提供d by 步入正轨 pursuant to this Maintenance Agreement 应 be deemed 机密信息 without regard to whether such items 是 marked “confidential” or with a similar legend. Confidential information 应 not include any information that is (a) published or otherwise available to 的 public other than by breach 这个的 Maintenance Agreement; (b) rightfully received by 的 receiving party from a third party without 机密ity limitations; (c) independently developed by 的 receiving party without reference to 的 机密信息; (d) known to 的 receiving party prior to its first receipt of such information from 的 disclosing party; or (e) hereinafter disclosed by 的 disclosing party to a third party without restriction on disclosure. If any 机密信息 must be disclosed to any third party by reason of legal, accounting or regulatory requirements beyond 的 reasonable control of 的 receiving party, 的 receiving party 应 promptly notify 的 disclosing party of 的 order or request 和 permit 的 disclosing party (at its own expense) to seek an appropriate protective order. 这个 Maintenance Agreement 应 not be construed to prohibit, 和 步入正轨 应 有权 to use 对于 any purpose, including without limitation use in development, manufacture, promotion, sale, support 和 maintenance of 步入正轨’s or its customers’ products 和 services any information received from Customer in association with 的 support services described in this Maintenance Agreement that may be retained as know-how, ideas, processes or expertise in 的 unaided memories of 步入正轨’s 人员。 

7.Right to 工作产品 

所有 Updates, Patches, Live Support, Error corrections, enhancements, new releases, 和 any other work product created by 步入正轨 in connection with 的 保养 服务 提供d hereunder (“Work Product”) 是 和 应 remain 的 exclusive property of 步入正轨.  Such 工作产品 应 be considered as 乐橙客户端 , 和 subject to 的 terms 和 conditions contained herein 和 in 的 License 协议.   


8.1 Each party acknowledges that this 维护协议 is 的 complete 和 exclusive statement of 的 agreement between 的 parties as to 的 保养 服务, 和 应 supersede all prior proposals, understandings 和 all other agreement, oral 和 书面, between 的 parties relating to 的 保养 服务. If 的re is a conflict between 的 terms contained in this 维护协议 和 的 terms of 的 License 协议, 的 terms of 的 License 协议 应 prevail. 这个 维护协议 may not be modified or altered except by a 书面 instrument duly executed by 的 派对。 

8.2 这个 维护协议 和 any performance hereunder 应 be governed by 和 construed in accordance with 的 laws of 的 State of Minnesota without regard to its conflict of laws rules.  

8.3 If any provision 这个的 维护协议 应 be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, 的 validity, legality 和 enforceability of 的 remaining provisions 应 in no way be affected or impaired 的reby. 

8.4 The Customer may not subcontract, assign, or transfer its rights, duties or obligations under this 维护协议 to any person or entity, in whole or in part, without 的 prior 书面 consent of 步入正轨. 

8.5 The waiver or failure of either party to exercise, in any respect, any one right 提供d 对于 herein 应 not be deemed a waiver of any other right granted hereunder.