KL发现 Inc,以及KLDiscovery Inc授权的所有全球实体,均以KLDISCOVERY,ONTRACK,IBAS,COMPILED,SDS和SLS品牌经营(“KLDiscovery”), are committed to protecting the confidential data of all customers and clients wherever those customers and clients are located. As a provider of electronic discovery and data recovery services, KL发现 is instructed by its customers and clients to transfer data across geographic borders for lawful purposes determined by those customers and clients. KL发现’对所有客户的合同义务,包括对透明性的承诺,证明了对跨境数据传输中保护客户机密性的承诺。


In this 透明度报告, KL发现 publishes, to the extent permitted by applicable law, information concerning Government and Government Agency access requests to data and information held by KL发现 from 2018年5月25日. This 透明度报告 is updated every 24 (twenty four) hours and provides real-time data and evidence to our customer and clients concerning such Government and Government Agencies access requests.

访问请求量 (总共) 最后请求日期
2018年5月25日1 至2018年12月31日0不适用。



In addition to, and separate from, the information set out in this 透明度报告, where permitted by applicable law, KL发现 shall notify any affected customer or client of any Government or Government Agency data access request prior to KL发现 providing any access to such requested data. KL发现 also commits to undertaking legal challenges to any such requests that are served on KL发现.

1 Data in this 透明度报告 commences on 2018年5月25日, being the implementation date of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016. Notwithstanding the commencement date set out in this 透明度报告, KL发现 is not aware of any Government or Government Agency access requests to data held by KL发现 prior to the commencement date.